It is impossible to talk about Bilbao without mentioning its lively Seven Streets, the original streets which gave birth to the old borough. Our walk will take us past many places of interest: the food market hall, the gothic cathedral, picturesque houses overlooking the river, the Arriaga Theater or San Antón church, depicted in the coat of arms of the city.

A pintxo tasting at "txikiteo" time will tickle our taste buds! Then we will have a lunch break.

In the afternoon, we will go for a stroll along the quayside. The promenade is sprinkled with works of world‑famous architects such as Isozaki and Calatrava, and leads to Frank Gehry’s dazzling Guggenheim Museum, the flagship of the recent transformations Bilbao has undergone.

After enjoying the exhibitions nothing like a walk through the main and busiest shopping avenue in the city.